The Power of a Nap

Since the start of the year I’ve been working with the question “What if…?” as I go about my daily life.

It’s resulted in some cool actions & deeper self reflection.

What’s brought me the greatest joy has been the powerful 20 minute nap.

Yes. A nap.

Not only does this 20 minute break in my day give me an opportunity to reset, regroup, & recharge – it’s also giving me a deeper sense of self-worth.

My Gramma always encouraged me to take a nap.

She’d say, “You don’t have to fall asleep, just lay horizontal.”

It’s been 9 years since her passing & with my newfound routine of napping, I’m revisiting her wise advice.

The act of breaking from the day & laying horizontal requires a deep sense of self-worth.

A remembering that,

  • My body is worth it
  • My mind is worth it
  • I am worth it.

Our society helps us forget this absolute truth: You are worth it.

Systems are in place to make us think we must push our mind & body for the end goal, the next promotion, the perfect marriage, the thing that will make everything better.

It’s up to us to remember the truth of our worthiness; to remember we have the right to joy, pleasure, & delight.

Gramma & I in 2009

Especially in the uncertain & confusing times we are living, it is absolutely necessary for us to listen deeply to our body’s needs.

Our body is how we dismantle the systems, heal our relationship to the world, & implement the change we all crave.

Grab your journal or grab a loved one & explore these prompts:

  • If I listen to the whispers of my body, what wisdom do I hear?
  • What truths are in my blood line? What do my ancestors wish for me to know?
  • How can I honor the needs of my body, right now?

No matter where you are with your relationship to your body, know that you are not broken. You are a magickal being with infinite possibilities.

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