Sloppy Breath

Sometimes I just need a good ol’ sloppy breath.

A breath that might not be “lady like.”

A breath that might sound funny or weird.

A breath that might not be “perfect,” but is exactly what I need.

So what exactly is a sloppy breath?

First, let’s practice some breath awareness:

  • Where in your body do you feel your breath?
  • What’s the temperature of your breath?
  • What’s the quality of your breath?

Now, take a deep inhale & exhale out your mouth…

Like really exhale.

Take another deep breath & this time on your exhale, let some sound escape.

Deep breath again, exhale more sound & now allow your body to participate….

Maybe you slouch over. Maybe you wiggle. Maybe you shake it out. Maybe you slouch & wiggle & you shake it all out.

Whatever inspires you to really exhale.

Final big deep inhale & combine it all together:

  • Exhale open mouth
  • Allow sound to escape
  • Follow the exhale with your body
  • Wiggle to get that breath out all the way (this tends to make a really funny sound that gets me giggling)

Return to your natural breathing & listen to what your body wants. Stretch, twist, jump up & down. #YouDoYou

This post originally appeared in my free weekly subscription, Witchy Wednesdays.