Monthly Reflection Practice

It’s a new month!

(Funny how that keeps happening.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a weekly planning practice that helps me keep my shit together.

Since becoming a devotee of the Passion Planner, I’m now in the routine of a monthly reflection practice.

My favorite monthly question from the Passion Planner:

How are you different between this past month & the month before it?

(Feels like yesterday!!!)

Time is a funny thing & as I age, time is beginning to do real weird things (like hello? How is it already my 20 year high school reunion?!?).

It’s interesting – since practicing monthly reflection, time is slowing down.

Yes, yes. Time can’t really slow down. But I can alter my perception.

Incorporating a monthly reflection practice helps me process the concept of time.

Monthly reflection also quiets the inner voice that wishes for more, more, more. I can show that inner voice: hey, look at everything we did!

Being a solopreneur is not the easy path.

I strongly believe in developing practices in our business that support our process & motivate us to move forward.

If you develop a daily, weekly, monthly, &/or annual reflection practice, you give yourself a moment to celebrate your accomplishments.

Cause damn it! You are worth celebrating!!

ps: I don’t get paid by Passion Planner & I don’t directly benefit from you purchasing one – besides watching you incorporate intentional planning into your business. I’d enjoy that!