Hi! I’m Meghan (she/her)

I first read Starhawk’s “The Earth Path” in 2009 when I was 29, a student at Prescott College, & studying with the magnificent Liz Faller.

When I got halfway down page 7 of The Earth Path, my life changed:

“To be a Witch (a practitioner of the Old Religion of the Goddess) or a Pagan (someone who practices an earth-based spiritual tradition) is more than adopting a new set of terms & customs & a wardrobe of flowing gowns. It is to enter a different universe, a world that is alive & dynamic, where everything is part of an interconnected whole, where everything is always speaking to us, if only we have ears to listen.

A Witch must not only be familiar with the mystic planes of existence beyond the physical realm; she should also be familiar with the trees & plants & birds & animals of her own backyard, be able to name them, know their uses & habits & what part each plays in the whole.

She should understand not just the symbolic aspects of the moon’s cycle, but the real functioning of the earth’s waters & mineral & energy cycles. She should know the importance of ritual in building human community, but also understand the function of mycorrhizal fungi & soil microorganisms in the natural community in which human community is embedded.” 

I still get teary-eyed reading this passage.

It produces a feeling deep in my bones – a feeling of knowing, remembering, & reclaiming.

For the past decade I’ve identified as a Witch & I’ve incorporated the witch archetype into my life.

All behind closed doors.

The time of the Dark Goddess is over. We are coming out of hiding. We are stepping into our power. We are healing ourselves so we can heal our relationship with the Land.

I invite you to join me.

My intention is to create a braver space so we can reclaim our truth, speak our truth, & live our truth.

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