Breathe With Me

blue sky and palm trees blowing in the wind

What’s your breath doing right now?

No need to adjust or change.

Just notice.

Where in the body do you feel your breath?

What’s the temperature of your breath?

Are you breathing? Or are you being breathed?*

Breathing with the trees

Currently I’m practicing “Box Breathing” & sharing this practice w/ my clients.

It goes a lil’ like this:

  • Inhale for a count
  • Hold for a count
  • Exhale for a count
  • Hold for a count

Repeat for 4 rounds.

See how a round “makes” a box?

I’ve been exploring what a count can be:

  • Count to a set amount each time (count of 4, count of 5, or count of 6)

– OR –

  • Start small & work up each round (2 counts > 3 counts > 4 counts > 5 counts)

*Special shout out to Sarah Robinette for blowing my mind with this question.

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