WeTravel Test page

Imagine this is your beautiful Retreat Sales & Info Page.

Beautiful pics….

blue sky and palm trees blowing in the wind

Copy that excites & informs….

This is where all the information about the retreat will live on your own biz website.

A picture is painted. We are there!

All the general information about the retreat, location, facilitators, food, etc, etc, is listed here on your retreat sales/info page.

The potential retreat participant will never leave your website, so make sure all important information is listed here.

The buttons take the retreat participant through the registration & payment process.

In this process the participant reads about the various registration options (room options, add-ons, etc) & picks the option that best fits their needs & desires.

After deciding which option, they answer the registration questions & complete payment (either pay in full or payment plan).

Once they finish the 3 steps, the WeTravel registration & payment process is complete & they are brought back to your retreat sales/info page. Ta da!

A fully integrated process so they never leave your website that you’ve worked so hard on.

There is the option of a button:

The buttons take the retreat participant through the WeTravel registration & payment process, all without leaving your website!

The color & font can change to match your branding:

Or the below option where the registration info is integrated directly onto your webpage: