Leading With Vision

:: 2017 ::

I recently completed a workshop on designing sales pages with the magnificent Kelly Diels.


I now have the tools to explain my services (retreat coordination) in a way that aligns with my values (no bullshit).

Before working with Kelly, I followed the sales & marketing tactic of Problem-Agitate-Solve.

All the entrepreneurial/blogging/social media training, coaching, & research I’ve completed all taught the PAS method.

I didn’t know there was any other way!

But now I understand the PAS method is activating pain points & causing triggered decisions.

Not building up, but breaking down.

I don’t want to sell my services based upon an assumption that you are broken & need to be fixed.

I want to empower, support, & collaborate.

I’m energized with purpose & excited to integrate Kelly’s marketing philosophies into my offerings.

Use Your Voice

How are you using your voice?

How are you using your platform to cause change?

No matter how small our audience, we have a responsibility to speak our truth.

I now understand “staying out of politics” is a privilege.

It’s up to all of us to speak out to create change.

This month, take some time to check in with yourself & find out what pisses you off – what really aggravates you about the world today.

Figure out what you can do to change it & do it.

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