Schedules, Timelines, & Planning

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:: 2017 ::

Every Monday I review my previous week & plan for the upcoming.

This hasn’t been easy. It’s definitely a practice.

I’ve discovered:

  • Reviewing my previous week helps me celebrate my wins
  • Scheduling my tasks helps me stay focused
  • Structuring my time gives me freedom

Now the results are such that I can’t NOT take time for weekly visioning, planning, & scheduling.

I use these 3 tools on Mondays:

1. Questions

I have about a dozen questions & prompts that guide me through a review of the previous week & plan for the upcoming week.

The questions are inspired by Scott Dinsmore’s weekly routine.

2. Calendar

Something about paper & pencil!

A few months ago I won a Passion Planner from Danielle of Function Creative Co, as seen in the above image.

The planner uses mind mapping (a brainstorming technique I’ve been using for years!) & facilitates actionable steps for goal completion.

Journal prompts are scattered throughout & each month ends with review questions.

I’m definitely buying myself one for next year.

3. To-Do List

Asana is an online, cloud-based task management software that rocks my world.

Not only does Asana help me plan out projects & keep a timeline, they also produce wonderful articles on team productivity & management, as well as an informative blog on Asana tips & tricks.

Plus, they’ve got a delightful sense of humor.

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With these 3 tools, I can keep my head on straight, be my most productive, & confidently organize the numerous details of a retreat.

Learn more about my weekly Monday Business Practice here.