Retreat Seasons

Everything comes in seasons, even retreats.

My retreat seasons follow the Northern Hemisphere seasons:

  • Winter Season: January, February, & March
  • Spring Season: April, May, & June
  • Summer Season: July, August, & September
  • Fall Season: October, November, & December

Thinking of retreats in seasons helps with your planning timeline.

Planning timeline?!?

Yes – planning timeline.

Let’s break it down.

So you want to host a retreat next winter, February 2020 aka “Winter Retreat Season.”

To give your students & community time to prepare (save up money, pay through a payment plan, etc), registration needs to open about 6 months in advance.

So that means Summer Season 2019 you open registration for your 2020 Winter Retreat.

If your Winter Retreat registration is open during the Summer Season, consider the mindset of your potential participants & how you’re going to connect with them.

Are they…

  • Busy preparing their kids for the school year & thinking what they’re gonna do for themselves this year?
  • Camping & not attending your regular drop-in classes?
  • Working 9-5 & listening to podcasts during their lunch walk?

When you think about the mindset of your participants, you can adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

With registration beginning during the Summer Season, you’ll need about 6-8 months to plan & organize your retreat Especially if you’re planning your retreat by yourself while teaching all your other classes, workshops, trainings, & working with your 1:1 clients.

It takes time to figure out your pricing, create your sales page, & otherwise get your shit in order.

Which brings us to the current Winter Retreat Season to begin planning for your 2020 Winter Retreat!

Essentially, retreat planning needs to begin at least 12 months in advance.

Most retreat centers book up a year in advance, so you’re right on track. Since you know you want a Winter Retreat, you also have flexibility with exact dates.

If your retreat is about warming up in a sunny location, your Winter Retreat can not only be in February, it can also be in January or March, or even December.

Instead of experiencing “Retreat Planning Overwhelm” like this ^ guy, know I’m here to cut the planning time in half.

You still need to get your retreat site booked, but once you’ve got that confirmed it takes me only 2 months to get your retreat planned.

Systems, baby, systems!

If you’re thinking about hosting a retreat during the 2020 Winter Season (or any upcoming season), schedule a call with me so I can help you identify your 1st action step.