Questions to Ask Before You Book

You’ve found the perfect location for your upcoming retreat.

The practice space is dreamy. The food is super tasty.

All the rooms have a killer view & the land supports the teachings.

Congratulations! You found your retreat site!

Now before you pay your deposit let’s make sure you’re really clear on the rental policies & procedures.

Important questions to ask the retreat center:

  • Do I need to add you to my liability insurance?
  • Is my deposit refundable?
  • What is the rental cancellation policy?
  • Is there a minimum of participants required to rent the space? Maximum?
  • When are rental payments due?

If the retreat center is also providing the meals:

  • What types of diets can you accommodate?
  • When do you need to know the dietary preferences of the group?

Bonus questions:

  • Is there a discount for the facilitators’ lodging?
  • What yoga/meditation props are available?
  • Does the movement space have speakers?
  • Who is the on-site contact if I have facility questions or issues during the retreat?

When preparing for your site visit, remember to bring a notebook & pen to jot down the answers to the above questions.

Take pictures of everything! 

Not only pictures to use with your promotions, but also pictures that will help you later “paint the picture” of the retreat center. Pictures that will remind you of the vibe & details that make the space so special.

Pictures such as:

Where everyone will gather for meals…

What it’ll feel like to crawl into bed each night…

The details that make the place real special & unique…

Pictures of the movement props so you’ll remember which props you’ll need to source yourself…

Now that you’ve got your essential questions & a list of pictures to take, you’re ready to book that perfect retreat site!

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