Practicing at Life

:: 2017 ::

I just returned from a fabulous week at Lightning in a Bottle in Bradley, California.

This year I worked with Artist Relations as a Talent Driver – a first for me. I drove speakers, performers, & musicians to & from the airport & back into the festival.

I had a wonderful time meeting new talented musicians (shout out to fellow Portland native, Plantrae) & trying not to be a fan girl with musicians I’ve followed for over a decade.

Each festival production position has it’s challenges & this position was no different. I found the biggest challenge for me was the back & forth from Festival World & Default World (a term I learned from my years at Burning Man).

It was really strange to 1 minute be in the thick of it all (thousands of people, loud & pulsing bass, hot hot sun), the next be walking the aisles of Whole Foods almost chilled from the AC & then back sitting under magical oaks.

Since I had lots of hours by myself in the car, I had lots of time to get heady & think about the transitions between Default World & Festival World.

I observed & reflected how I might be different in these 2 worlds & how I might bring more of my Festie Self back into my day-to-day life in Portland.

I also thought about how retreats, like festivals, provide us a chance to explore our best Self & how we want to be in the world.

Both of these worlds (festivals & retreats) allow us to pause & deepen our focus without distractions (aka Facebook).

They provide a chance to explore temporary community & how community in the Default World might look like. We get time to explore different aspects of ourselves, our community, & our practice.

Retreats & festivals are both a practice – a practice of life.