How to Price Your Retreat

If you’re thinking about hosting a retreat, figuring out your retreat pricing is a crucial step.

So far, the easiest way I’ve found to price a retreat is in these 4 steps:

Step 1: Identify the retreat non-negotiables

Step 2: Identify the retreat negotiables

Step 3: Identify facilitator fee

Step 4: Adjust accordingly

“But Meghan! What in the h are you talking about? Retreat non-negoti-wha?”

Step 1: Non-Negotiables

The retreat non-negotiables are the costs & fees of your retreat that are required.

These costs are the just-the-way-things-are type of fees.

Things like:

  • Registration costs, like credit card processing fees
  • Lodging & food expenses
  • Retreat necessities: yoga prop rentals or art supplies

Retreat non-negotiable costs vary retreat to retreat & facilitator to facilitator.

Maybe your students eat only organic foods.

Maybe your classes require all the props x 2.

Step 2: Negotiables

These costs are the expenses that can be adjusted, depending on your desired final price point.

Retreat negotiables can be:

  • Retreat Admin Support (that’s me!) vs DIY (that’s you!)
  • Marketing Strategy: full page fliers or Retreat Info Session snacks
  • Retreat decor: fresh flowers & candles
  • Participant gifts (who doesn’t like gifts?)

When you identify your retreat negotiables, you identify how much flexibility there is in the budget.

For example:

You order customized & branded participant gifts.
You create handwritten notes.

Step 3: Facilitator Fee

Your facilitator fee is mostly about figuring out your personal “hidden costs.”

These are the costs you incur by not staying home.

Common hidden costs:

  • Missed classes &/or clients
  • House/pet/kid/garden sitter
  • Travel costs
  • Credit card fees (hello, retreat center deposit!)

Once you figure out your hidden costs, then consider your actual retreat teaching/facilitation fee.

This is a very personal decision.

But if you feel like you’re not charging enough:

You should probably charge more.

This is because, you Dear Teacher, are a wonderful facilitator. You have an amazing gift & incredible wisdom to share.

Step 4: Adjust

Now you have 3 different parts of your retreat pricing:

  • Non-Negotiables
  • Negotiables
  • Facilitator Fee

This is the fun part! (Maybe just for me?)

Identify the minimum participants needed & play with the numbers.

Work them & rework them until you find the retreat pricing that feels just right.

Then add 10%, because unexpected expenses will def show up.