Retreat Collaboration

I collaborate with teachers & facilitators who create inclusive space for transformative practices.

“If you do not intentionally, deliberately & proactively include, you will unintentionally exclude.”  Joe Gerstandt

I take care of the retreat coordination so you can focus on your teachings.

Retreat Collaboration

Below are the 4 main areas:

Budget Customization
Registration Organization
Communication Management
On-Site Liaison

Budget Customization

You know you need to pay the chef, set the price for the retreat, & budget in your lodging expense…

But what next?

Here’s where I come in!

I love spreadsheets – they do marvelous things & I’m constantly learning more.

With my spreadsheets (yes, plural) I:

  • identify the fixed & variable costs
  • create the retreat pricing structure
  • compute potential profits

I also manage the entire retreat cash flow, timeline, & design the payment policies.

Registration Organization

I love organizational tools & I’ve found Eventbrite to be the tool for retreat registration.

Eventbrite provides a seamless registration process for the participant, as well as a secure payment processing system.

Not only do I design the Eventbrite retreat page (with your copy), I take care of all the details associated with retreat registration.

We all have special lodging & dietary requests – I make sure everyone is heard & we do our best to accommodate.

Communication Management

Emails already the bane of your existence?

No worries, I handle all the retreat communications.

I even design a post-retreat feedback form so we can all learn & try better next time.

On-Site Liaison

Participant is locked out of their room.
Chef’s blender stopped working.
Site manager has a question.
Your afternoon session begins in 7 minutes.

That’s why I’m on-site.

You focus on your teachings. I’ll take care of the rest.

Interested in collaborating?

First, read my article: 3 Reasons to Begin Your Retreat Planning Today to get an idea of our timeline.

Then drop me a note & tell me all about your retreat goals.