Festival Production

:: 2017 ::

I’ve been involved in the West Coast festival circuit since 2003.

In the beginning, it was all volunteer work.

I had a head full of dreadlocks & I’d get free admission plus meals during my shifts.

During these early years, I discovered what it meant to be involved in the creation of something bigger than Self.

To create a festival is to build an interactive space where everyone & anyone can explore, dance, & expand their understanding of life.

A place to meet instant best friends you might never see again.

Nowadays I get paid for festival work & I’m taking on more responsibility.

I’m going to bed at night & drinking coffee in the am.

I still get all the magical feels.
I still meet folx that change my life during a 5-second encounter.
I still leave seeing the world a lil’ bit different.

These festivals – these gatherings of tribes & communities – still impact me deeply.

I’m still challenged by the terrain (usually hotter than f*ck) & I’m still challenged by intense personalities.

I continue to learn & develop my radical self-reliance & radical self-expression.

And I continue to leave a festival never the same again.

This year, my festival season started at the beginning of February.

I had an amazing time working with my local community in support of the Portland Winter Light Festival.

To see dear friends creating, sharing, & presenting their skills & talents inspired me to the core.

No longer are we kids hitchhiking to the show.

Now we are big kids running the whole damn show.