Facilitating Deep Work

:: 2017 ::

I first became aware of the concept of Deep Work during the fall of 2016 by a dear friend & teacher, Kelly Sunrose, who was preparing to enter into a few months of a Deep Work practice.

Immediately I felt connected to the term & came up with my own personal interpretation well before I realized Deep Work was actually the title of Cal Newport’s bestselling book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.

While recently working What the Festival, my position allowed for stretches of time between shifts. I had purchased Deep Work many months prior, but only read the first few chapters. Now was my chance.

I devoured the 250+ paged book.

Let me tell ya, mother f’ing game changer!

The philosophy of Deep Work acknowledges the brain as a muscle Рa muscle to be exercised & developed.

Our current culture of social media, text messaging, & everything else that creates a need for immediate attention, has trained our brains to reject boredom.

Standing in line?
Check the phone.

Waiting for a friend?
Check the phone.

Boring tv show?
Check. The. Phone.

Our brains become addicted to the constant distractions, thus denying ourselves the ability to stayed focused.

Deep Work discusses the importance of embracing boredom:

Efforts to deepen your focus will struggle if you don’t simultaneously wean your mind from a dependence on distraction. Much in the same way that athletes must take care of their bodies outside of their training sessions, you’ll struggle to achieve the deepest levels of concentration if you spend the rest of your time fleeing the slightest hint of boredom.

This book taught me to honor the Deep Work of the world – the work that needs:

  • focused attention
  • solitude
  • support