Practicing Deep Work

Meghan with a mossy tree

:: 2017 ::

In July, I wrote about the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

In Deep Work, Cal discusses the importance of developing our focus in an ever increasing world of distraction.

Even after reading the book, I still relate “Deep Work” as the practice of getting into our depths, exploring our shadow, & working through the stuff hidden deep within.

In order to transform, we’ve gotta dig deep into our understanding of Self.

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That’s not easy. Sometimes it’s downright shitty. Definitely uncomfortable.

But this Deep Work is utterly & completely necessary.

For me, Deep Work is a personal practice.

I practice:

  • learning from others
  • looking at Self
  • messing up
  • growing

The below content has fueled my Deep Work.

You can find more resources regarding these topics, plus body positivity, cultural appropriation, & gender on my website.

I’d love to hear about your response(s) to these resources.

Also, please email me your Deep Work resources.


Please Don’t Tell Me “I’m in a Safe Place”
“Yes, people are more likely to thrive when they experience a general sense of safety & empowerment. Yet telling people what they should/shouldn’t be experiencing is incredibly disempowering.”


Unboxing Privilege
“Just acknowledging you own [privilege] takes less energy than furiously denying it exists!”


5 Self-Care Strategies That Aren’t Funking Mani-Pedis
“Sustainable self-care is about setting boundaries on your time. It’s about nurturing healthy relationships. & it’s about holding the balance that we are both strong & fragile at the same time.”