Budget Customization

Let’s talk about money.

What does it really, truly, honestly cost to host a retreat?

I’ll walk you through the budget so you’ll understand the true cost of your retreat.

You’ll get a customized budget packet that will help you:

  • confidently price your retreat
  • effectively manage your retreat budget
  • understand how much you’re actually profiting

:: Budget Customization starts at $1,300 ::

:: Get Started ::

The Budget Customization process is completed in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Gather Details

After your Retreat Consultation, I’ll provide you a worksheet to help identify the details of your retreat.

Details such as:

  • retreat location
  • marketing plan
  • teaching fee

I’ll conduct my own research to fill in any gaps & make sure we’ve accounted for all of the hidden costs.

Phase 2: Draft Budget

Spreadsheet time!

This is when I crunch the numbers.

I’ll create your budget packet, including:

  • your financial timeline
  • 3 pricing options
  • pricing policies

Phase 3: Review Budget Packet

Depending on location, we’ll meet over tea or via a call.

We’ll review all the supporting documents of your budget packet:

  • pricing options
  • cash flow tracker
  • payment & cancellation policies
  • timeline with important deadlines
  • budget spreadsheet(s) with fixed & variable costs

:: How To Get Started ::

To make sure we’re a good fit, we first complete a Complimentary Retreat Consultation.

After our Retreat Consultation, I’ll create a personalized project proposal that accurately represents the scope of your Budget Customization.

Some factors that can adjust Budget Customization pricing:

  • calculating various currencies
  • pricing “add-ons,” such as excursions or private sessions
  • drafting multiple budgets to decide between locations/chefs/etc

Once we agree upon the pricing, we’ll both sign a project agreement.

After we sign & a 25% nonrefundable deposit is paid, we begin Phase 1 of Budget Customization.

:: Get Started ::

Meghan is an invaluable resource when it comes to helping manage a business or a business endeavor. She’s detail-oriented, creative, really personable & trustworthy. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her!

Kate Busby, Acupuncturist, yoga teacher & sound healer

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