Art as Medicine

Meghan at 2013 Burning Man

:: 2013 ::

On the acupuncture table, my doctor asked:

When did you stop making art?

Tears quickly bubbled to the edge.

A couple months later I realized:

Time for my first Burning Man Art.

"Cargo Cult" Burning Man theme inspired sketch

The immense gratification from creating an interactive piece was, well, amazing.

Cargo Cult alien with chalk in pocket and solar lights for night

Even more satisfying was my Burn.

Art to the fire

I am back on the pottery wheel after an almost decade break.

I squealed when I opened my tool bag after so many years, “It’s like Christmas!”

Artistic expression is:

  • a need
  • a release
  • a function of life

Sitting at the wheel, the mind clears & focus is again on the breath.

All goes quiet.
Now is the time.