Hi! I’m Meghan

I build the container.

The retreat container is the space the retreat is actually, physically located – as well as all the energetic details leading up to the retreat.

The 1st ideas,
the 1st words,
the 1st announcements of a retreat are the building blocks of the container.

How all these details are prepared, planned, & implemented is what I love.

My biggest love?

Witnessing others experience the container.


Meghan Bursiek Retreat Planning for Creative Healing Arts InstructorsI thrive on the details.

I get a kick out of identifying & facilitating the details no one sees, yet are experienced by everyone.

My training in Permaculture & Whole Systems Design reminds me to step back, look at the big picture, & see how all the details fit together.

I appreciate the details of building relationships – the subtle nuances of human connection.

I seek out opportunities to work, eat, live, play, grow, love, & celebrate in collaborative community.



Meghan Bursiek with Uvita whale in Costa RicaI explore.

I delight in all aspects of travel & adventure. I love diving into the unknown & stepping into the uncomfortable.

I’ve got mad packing skills from circumnavigating the globe & hitchhiking to all corners of the States.

Living & traveling in a variety of conditions & cultures has taught me to be in the moment, roll with the punches, & respond to unplanned situations with grace & ease.




Meghan Bursiek at Danyasa in Dominical, Costa RicaStructure gives me freedom.

I find creative expression within schedules & timelines.

Spreadsheets are my superpower & all tools of organization are my source of inspiration.

Sitting in my high school computer lab in the late 90’s, I first discovered my love of spreadsheets. The lines, the boxes, the functions, oh my!




Meghan is an absolute gem. While working with her I feel completely seen, heard & understood on both a personal & professional level.

I feel she truly cares about her clients.

Her experience within the yoga world – alongside her own dedicated personal yoga practice – shines through in her work.

I appreciate her remarkable organizational skills (it’s hard for me to keep track of all the details) & her sense of humor.

Alix Northup, Yoga for Backcare

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